New Music from Calpernia in 2019

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NEWS! The lovely children from the hit TV show “Stranger Things“, starring Finn Wolfhard, have started a band called “Calpurnia“… that’s Calpurnia with a U. It’s gonna be tough to compete with their PR machine and Netflix popularity, but hopefully any fans from “Stranger Things” who come upon my site or music will share their love with me, too! There’s room for all of us. I’ve been performing under my name, Calpernia, since 1994, and I have so much more to share with the world!

In Testimony, Calpernia’s debut album of original acoustic music, she tells stories from a life that began as the musical eldest child of a minister in a fundamentalist Christian cult hidden away in the woods of Tennessee. A harrowing escape into the burning deserts of the first Gulf War as a combat medic followed, and then her unlikely rebirth as a teetotaling showgirl and burlesque dancer on some of the South’s most dangerous and underground stages. A devastating tragedy led to years of work in activism and the crushing machine of Hollywood. Now Calpernia has returned to the simple instruments and music of her childhood to give testimony of her still-unquenchable passion for authenticity, hope and adventure.

Extra special thank you to all my KickStarters who made it possible to get this far!

“Testimony” debuts live at Harvard University on February 4th, 2017 (Click Here for Calpernia Harvard Tickets). Produced by esteemed singer/singwriter Patrick Wolf, backed by countless fans and friends via Kickstarter, this music is my heart and soul. I am so thankful for the support everyone has given me!

Now that recording has finished on many of the songs, my next dream is to have a quality mixing and mastering done. To help with these costs, I’ve hand-drawn some limited edition graphic T-shirts… grab one before they run out!

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Honored to be Featured on ABC OnePlusOne by Jane Hutcheon

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Calpernia for OCC Makeup (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics)

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Musical Evolution: Cabaret Style

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