* I was a keynote speaker at this years Clarksville Pride in in Tennessee. Clarksville is a small town on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky, best known for it’s large military base, Ft. Campbell. I’m really enjoying visiting home and participating in this event. Tennessee is gorgeous in May!

* Clarksville Pride went very well, with beautiful weather, great crowd and lots of fun. Here’s a snap of me with two of the sweet str8 boys who work at Nashville’s premiere dance bar, PLAY. I was the luckiest girl in the world that day, with all the cutest boys, girls and babies in my posse.

* Later that night I did an old-style show with the girls at PLAY: Chyna, Austria Andrews, Nichole Ellington Dupree and Princess. It was tons of fun, and Nashville was incredibly welcoming and kind to me, as they always are. I couldn’t ask for a more fun weekend!

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