OMG check out Calpernia’s MEGA JERUSALEM CRICKET/NINO DE LA TIERRA/POTATO BUG VIDEO and PHOTO EXPLOSION!!!!!! For some reason, this page is at/almost at the top Google search result for “Nino de la Tierra“, so I decided to aggregate some good information, video and photo stuff for all the fans!

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Put your hand up to that picture and imagine touching that thing!

The Original Post: My Niño de la Tierra Story

Last night, as I was leaving the house I saw something I had just stepped over on the porch that filled me with primal revulsion… a huge, glistening bug with muscles and the face of a fetus, blocking my return path like some kind of evil monster. Did I mention that it was HUGE!?!

* I was horrified, and too afraid of it to try to cross back over it into the house, so I went around the side to get in. I came back out onto the front porch and sluiced it with poison to no effect… it just seemed to drink it up and rub it more onto itself to mock me. I called Andrea to come and look at it, and she was equally horrified, but brave enough to try to send it back to Hell where it came from. Normally, she won’t hurt bugs and even carries spiders outside rather than smashing them, but this creature was so big, muscular and evil looking that I insisted. Even after several hard blows with a blunt wooden object, it was still totally alive! Andrea finally stunned it enough that it could be relocated to another yard (heh heh). I know it’s mean to hit bugs, but this creature awakened an ancient loathing embedded deep in my DNA from prehistoric times and I had to obey.

* In researching on the web, Andrea discovered that it is called a Jeruselum Cricket (even though it’s not a cricket), a Potato Bug (even though it doesn’t eat potatoes), a Niño de la Tierra, a Cara de Niño, and all kinds of names relating to the Devil (really). It is related to those giant Camel Spiders that you may have seen from Iraq. Ahhhhhh!

* I think it’s gone now, and I am safe, but as everyone who has ever met one says, I feel like I will probably be scarred for life.

Potato Bug Song
(Potato Bug song from Parry Grip)

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