There’s a very kind review of “Casting Pearls” in Karman Kregloe’s After Ellen blog:

Casting Pearls by Andrea James was about the misadventures of a transsexual actress (played by the very charismatic Calpernia Addams) who can’t get a break.


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I just watched an old favorite of mine last night, the Doris Day movie “Please Don’t Eat the Daisies”, which I hadn’t seen since I was a child. I mostly remembered a funny white St. Bernard dog jumping on people, but watching it as an adult, I realized that it’s about a theatre critic and his wife overcoming the friction caused by his ascending career and increasing poison pen. I’m glad I haven’t had to suffer much in the way of criticism so far. I’m sure it will come, as I’m still learning so much as far as film/tv is concerned. As long as it’s tempered by some good, I suppose I’ll deal with it all as it comes!

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