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Ok, so I can never watch more than a few beats of “The Real World” and other “horrible people arguing with each other” shows, mostly because I really hate to hear people argue, and also because usually the people on those kinds of shows are infuriatingly horrible people, just on a basic human level. I know tons of people love to watch those kinds of human dramas play out on the screen, but it stresses me out.

Last night, I was laying in bed and happened to come across Episode 8 of “The Real World: Sydney“.

I left it on for a few seconds, and learned that the group was talking about going to the Gay Mardi Gras Parade in Sydney, Australia. Immediately, the illumination of inter-cast hookup possibilities and endless drunken nights at the local clubs disappears from their eyes and lip-glossed hoochie blonde “Trisha” and Southern stereotype male “Cohutta” begin to talk about God.

I have several reasons to feel disgusted and angry at displays of religion-fueled homophobia. I was raised in a deadeningly disapproving Southern Christian religious cult. I was taken in during my transition by the accepting GLBT community of Nashville when the hetero world had all but rejected me. And society as a whole tends to lump trans people in with homosexuality when it comes to their hatred and oppression of gays, so if they are down on gays, they are usually down on me, too.

The two housemates dropped their usual lustful exuberance for each other and booze to put on a hollow somberness and went to sit in front of the computer. Deadly serious words about God and the Bible began to dribble out from between “Trisha”‘ syrup-shiny lips and the heavy black rings of her eye makeup squinched into little disapproving crescents. “Cohutta” stared at the floor and mumbled in his best Hee-Haw dialect, “I jest warn’t raised like that.”

Some of the others go to the parade (and I’m not arguing that a gay Mardi Gras parade is anything someone has to support in particular), but with the annoyingly typical hetero attitude along the lines of, “OMG icky, can you believe how outrageous and funny gay people are, gross LOL! I’ll go to their event/club but I’d never want them at my event/club/house!” Thankfully, some of the roommates actually do seem to have fun with it.

I never get used to the unbelievable sight of people using poorly-understood generalizations about what they think the Bible says while they are themselves drenched in the sins of the flesh, sins of vanity, countless sins. I’ve said before that I have never in my life met anyone who I believed would be judged holy and worthy of Heaven by God, if they were to die that instant. I don’t know of anyone proclaiming Christianity who is following the true example of Christ: giving up everything to spread the word of God, prepared to die in agony for their beliefs (except maybe for this man). Before even going into which Bible edicts they themselves are violating on national television, and which Bible edicts they are misunderstanding and mis-applying, I would shut them down entirely with one simple verse:

Matthew 7:5, King James Bible

Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

This is the same problem happening with the religious community’s work against gay marriage, and the Defense of Marriage Act. Has anyone looked at the statistics for hetero marriage? Figures vary, but I’ve heard that up to half of all hetero marriages end in divorce, and possibly half of married people have an incident of infidelity to their spouse during marriage. And how many hetero marriages are based on drunked whims (Britney Spears 1st marriage, anyone?), money transactions (Anna Nicole) and other reasons that have nothing to do with the “Holy Institution”?

Yet another reason I won’t be watching this show. But even seeing that one episode leaves me sad… I thought we were farther along than this.

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