Several months ago, long before my notorious “Bad Questions” video, I was contacted by popular “How To” website VideoJug to appear and speak as an expert on transsexualism. Basically, I gave my own answers to their (long) list of basic “people who don’t know anything about the topic” questions. Sort of a “GOOD questions” video, ha ha.

I’m no scientist, but I answered their questions as best as I could. Some answers could have been a little better, but it was a long, grueling session lasting several hours, where I answered question after question non-stop. For all the hatahs who thought I was an evil bitch for chewing out askers of “Bad Questions“, here’s the real me, and how I really answer honestly asked, respectful questions. Let me know what you think!

Calpernia as VideoJug’s Transsexual Expert

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