Arriving in London was fairly painless. Let me just say that Air France is a dream after all the cut-rate flights I’ve had recently between various states in the US. They gave us two full meals for free, with wine and everything. Each seat had an individual video screen from which you could choose various movies, tv shows or video games. And best of all, there was no one in the seats next to me, so I got to spread out and sleep comfortably the whole flight.

In the video above, aside from being horrible quality, you lose all sense of depth, which was one of the more lovely aspects of the sight. The moors extend to a far distant horizon, where they dissolve into fog, with occasional small farms and herds of sheep. It was very lonely, yet beauiful.

My Yorkshire friends picked me up at Heathrow and whisked me away to a charming converted mill in the moors, where I spent two lovely days exploring the small town and then falling asleep to the sound of the rushing stream that had once powered the mill.

At the local pub, they had “quiz night”, wherein everyone gathers into teams and writes down their answers to 60 questions read aloud by last week’s winners. We lost, and I’m mortified to say that one of the points we missed was due to my inability to recall the capital of West Virginia. Elementary School was so long ago, sigh!

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