Above, you can see a quick cameraphone clip of the audience right after “Casting Pearls” has screened.

Today, “Casting Pearls” screened as part of a shorts program called “The Part I Was Born to Play”, featuring films that comment on trans representation and participation in media. It was the first film in the series, and was very well received. People laughed and clapped in all the right places. Everyone was amazed at Andrea’s ability to do all the different voices, too.

Later, I participated in a two hour panel discussion on trans media issues with some other filmmakers. People asked lots of insightful questions, and we talked about things like YouTube and self starting.

There was a party sponsored by London FTM next, and then a dinner with some of the filmmakers. I’ve enjoyed socializing with Kyle, a lovely festival programmer originally from Kentucky(!) who now spends time between London and the US.

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