Turn your speakers down after the dancing!


I sometimes used to worry about the fact that I hated kids… Maybe it’s because vanilla kids were always so horribly cruel to me growing up. Now that I’m all sparkly and glamorous, little ones and teens seem to love me, but in my early days when I began transition and people began to see that I was “one of those people”, straighties would yank their kids close when I entered the room and use the little tots as “WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!?!” shields in every strident legal and moral argument against GLBT people. Kids were used so often as the reason GLBT people needed to be kept down (eradicated?) that I seeing one triggered an immediate flashback of whatever latest meanness I had heard coming from parents on television or in the papers, and over time I became less and less endeared of sitting through the stinky, loud tantrums of vanilla people’s larva at the airport, bus and movie theater.

But I finally realized that I don’t really hate kids at all! I LOVE kids! GLBT KIDS and GLBT FRIENDLY KIDS!

Is that elitist? Exclusionist? Sexualitist and Gender-identitist? Now that I’ve been convinced of the fact that conservative fertility worshipers will just never, never like me and now that I know I’ll never have children, I realize that I don’t have to care and we can all go our separate ways. But GLBT kids and their cool friends… I just feel that natural delight that I’m sure James Dobson experiences when he looks out over a meeting of the Young Republicans Club. I know the crud they take on a daily basis from a mean, heartless world and the ways they blossom under that pressure are so beautiful to me.

These two aren’t “kids”, per se, but they’re a lot younger than I am. They make me think of what my teenage years would probably have been like, if I’d felt more free in expressing myself. Alas, I was trapped in a Christian cult and swear-to-God felt bad for even saying “darn it!” when upset. It makes me happy to see people like Riot and Anger, with whom I correspond occasionally, acting crazy, getting in drag, dancing around and yes, even screaming into the camera.

Well, maybe not the screaming into the camera part, ha ha. But everything else.

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