Calpernia Addams

Calpernia Birthday This Friday! OMG!

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Another Birthday, like the antichrist, is coming!

OMG, this Friday marks another birthday for yours truly! I want to say THANK YOU so much to the kind people who sent me a few gift-ies from my little wishlist page. As I say on the page… I don’t deserve anything, but it’s very sweet of folks to think of me anyway! This has been such a tight year for us all, thanks to the economy.

This Friday I will be recording another appearance on the hot Jonny McGovern’s “Gay Pimpin'” podcast, to talk about my new single “Next!” and our upcoming movie “Transproofed“. Afterward, I plan a nice lunch of discount sushi with one of my dearest, most lovely and talented Cal-pals.

As kids, we didn’t really celebrate birthdays with parties or presents. We had a nice cake after dinner on the birthday night, with candles and a good round of “Happy Birthday” sung by the family. I didn’t really miss parties and presents growing up, because we had just never had them, but I did get a pretty sweet Inspector Gadget cake one year. Certainly not my current taste, but the 10 year old me was ALL OVER IT!