In a bit of bad news for barflys everywhere, according to the BBC, “Beer goggles ‘don’t disguise age'”. The bent of the article is toward discounting assertions that a man “didn’t realize she was underage” because he was drunk, since both drunk and sober people were able to recognize the age of girls in photographs with equal accuracy. But I suppose it also works in reverse, rendering my attempts to look “twenty-something” into tragic failures at the local watering holes and dives of Los Angeles.

In further bad news, “The only strong effect the team found was people assessing made-up faces as older, but they said that was also consistent between drinkers and non-drinkers.” So even though I cake on the makeup, it only makes me look older? I can’t get a break.

The BBC is on a roll with the slams (Miss Dis would approve, I suppose). They also insensitively reported today “Condoms ‘too big’ for Indian men“. Ouch.

photo credit: Jason Cartwright

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