The excellent Queenz of Media podcast has posted a sobering interview with Dr. Samir Shurieh (sp?) on the real life consequences and options surrounding free silicone injections. Dr. Shurieh has many years of experience in dealing with the aftermath of silicone injections in trans women, and he answers questions on injectable silicone from trans women who call in from all over the country. He presents a no-nonsense picture of silicone injections, their results and the treatment of patients who experience aesthetic and/or medical complications. A MUST LISTEN for all trans women who have had silicone injections, or who are considering them:

Also see the recent New York Times piece:

A Cheap, Fast and Possibly Deadly Route to Beauty

It profiles Fiordaliza Pichardo, who died a day after receiving a silicone injection. She had received several earlier ones without dying. The cosmetologist who performed it paid her condolences to the family before fleeing the country.

And Andrea James’ TSRoadmap page on silicone:


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