Big News, everyone! Deep Stealth has decided to release Volume 01 of our “Coming Out” video series on transsexual basics for friends, family, loved ones and associates FOR FREE on YouTube! This decision came after much thought, because sales of our videos are one of the main things that enable us to keep our eight free websites available for the 4+ million visitors who come every year in search of information and help. Thanks to the ability to make the videos ad-supported, we have decided to try this out and see if we can balance providing what we hope will be a valuable resource to the community with the needs of our other resources. So share it around, and we hope it will be especially helpful for people who want to explain some of the basics to friends, family, loved ones and associates as they begin their transition. Here’s the codes, if you want ’em:

Link to the playlist of all vids:

Embed playlist:
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Embed custom player (looks fancier, has colors and thumbnails):
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