Hey kids, here’s the video of me accepting the award for “Outstanding Reality Series” for “Transamerican Love Story”, tied with “I Want to Work for Diddy”, which was accepted by Laverne Cox. I just love the way Michelle Clunie’s voice is so full of delight when she makes the annoncement, what an angel!

I didn’t realize that there could be “ties” for the awards, so the second I heard them say “I Want to Work for Diddy”, I put down my scrap of paper with a list of people I wanted to thank and began clapping. Then, of course, the announcement for “Transamerican Love Story” followed instantly. I almost thought Michelle was joking for an instant, since I knew her in real life and we always chatted whenever we encountered each other, so I sort of stood up, then sat back down, looking around. I didn’t want to be the fool who rushed up to the stage when someone else had won. People were urging me onward, so I got up and made my way to the stage, in my confusion forgetting the list. While all that was happening, Laverne had already made it to the stage, and so she gave her wonderful speech first.

I edited this video to show my speech first because I’m posting the video, for my blog and my fans, ha ha, but at the actual event Laverne’s was first, which I also acknowledge in the video here. I also included a list of everyone I had meant to thank. This was my first big entertainment award/trophy reception based on the merits of a project of which I was the “face” and lead performer, so I hope everyone will cut me some slack for not giving the perfect acceptance speech. It was a wonderful night, in any case, and I was so proud of the “Transamerican Love Story” team. Yay!

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