Lina Lecaro of LA Weekly dropped by for the opening night of “Unreal”, and gave us a glowing review in her mag! Read the whole review at or see the highlights below, then COME ON OUT THIS FRIDAY NIGHT and see for yerself!:

Promising a spectacle as juicy as the grub,  Hamburger Mary’s new Friday-night offering,  Calpernia Addams’ Unreal!, was on the to-do list for a few reasons: We’d never been to the rollicking, gay-friendly restaurant; we’d yet to see actress/showgirl Addams perform; and one of our favorite queens,  Miss Barbie Q (door gal at clubs such as  Shits & Giggles), was on the bill. Well, we were not disappointed, not by the eatery (disco balls in the bathrooms, a sequined high heel as the check holder … what’s not to love?), or by the performances. Addams in particular served up sights and sounds to behold. The gorgeous transgender singer (who coached  Felicity Huffman for her role inTransamerica) is dry as a glass of bubbly, and she has the pipes too. The other performers offered hearty lip-synch action, climaxing with cross-dressing divas pulling it out for a Destiny’s Child medley, complete with  Charlie’s Angels poses. Addams will have a variety of glossy “gals” taking the tiny, stripper pole–equipped stage each week, including the likes of  Willam Belli (Cherry Peck from  Nip/Tuck) and  Detox Icunt.Mary‘s looks to be expanding upon its successful live-show elements too, with the foxy Friday, a new Sunday drag show called  Follies Burgérs, and its popular, long-running Wednesday bingo charity nights still going strong with surprise celebs calling the balls. In the house Friday to support their pal Cal’s show debut, the  Boulet Brothers, the boys behind  Miss Kitty‘s Parlour, tell us their next bash will be a post–Thanksgiving night  White Trash Party, during which Addams will show off her mastery of the fiddle. We hear her “Devil Went Down to Georgia” is smokin’.

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