[flickr album= 72157622890508173 num=20 size=Thumbnail]Yay! Although I sent out a note telling all my Cal-pals that they needn’t get any gifts for me this Christmas, I still received a few in the mail this week. One of the more delightful and useful ones was a STUNNING pink Snuggie from the “Transamerican Love Story” creators and Cal-pals at “World of Wonder”. I LOVE it, I’m wearing it now as I work and I appreciate Randy, Fenton and the WOW crew so much!

Snuggies are totally grandma, but in that hot, sexy cool grandma way. Just FYI, they are kinda “thin”, like one of those inexpensive thin synthetic blankets you might get at WalMart for kids sleepover guests. But they have sleeves and a collar, and they are so ridiculous that they’re cool. If you must go upscale, get a Slanket… they are the Cadillac of blankets with sleeves, but they don’t have the cool factor of a Snuggie.

Last year, WOW gave me a BeDazzler, which I still have in its original box. MAYBE I SHOULD BEDAZZLE MY SNUGGIE!!!

Some of you may remember that I name-check Snuggies in my “Miss Dis” rap at :29 seconds in, ha ha:

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