[flickr album=72157623637819573 num=10 size=Small]I had a great time taking part in the Open Artists Movement 1940’s-themed “We Can Do It” photoshoot. They had the brilliant idea to have me dressed as a 1940’s nurse, which the former military medic in me relished. The group primarily promotes cross pollination among artists in the GLBT community, and they have done benefits for Lifeworks Mentoring and the LA GLBT Community Center in the past year.

The Open Artist Movement and photographer John Ganun have begun “We Can Do It”, a new photo campaign inspired by the iconic World War II graphic artist J. Howard Miller. The campaign goal is to bring to life modern iconic individuals, by depicting them as powerful and not victims in support of the global LGBT movement worldwide.

The first round of models to bare their biceps and strike pose included Darryl Stephens and Wilson Cruz.

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