(UPDATED – I put a better mix of “Stay With Me” and made it downloadable)
Hey kids, I’ve been making a lot of “quick” cover tracks for my live weekly show “Unreal“, and I thought I’d post some for your perusal. Some caveats:

  1. I already know I don’t have a technically amazing voice. I’m trying to learn as I go, rack up experience and aim for a more character-based sound a-la Mae West, Nina Simone or Marilyn — but based on MY character, of course, not theirs.
  2. These quickie cover songs are made over the course of about two days… one day to lay down instrumental tracks and two or three vocal takes, and one day to mix said instruments and vocals.

These are a cover of “Addicted to Love”/”Simply┬áIrresistible” sung with Detox Icunt, and my cover of Shakespeare’s Sister’s “Stay With Me”.

Stay With Me (Calpernia Cover) QuickMixXx by calpernia

Robert Palmer Mix (Calpernia and Detox Cover) by calpernia

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