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The Hollywood cast of Gay Pimpin with Jonny McGovern!

Good news, everyone! I’ve joined the all new Hollywood edition of Jonny McGovern’s fabulously popular “Gay Pimpin’ with Jonny McGovern” podcast… one of the most subscribed gay podcasts on iTunes! After an incredible run of cycles recorded in New York City with Jonny’s hilarious friends there, Hollywood is on the menu with Jonny, me, Julie Goldman, Nadya Ginsburg, Brandy Howard, Michael Serrato and the inimitable Tammy! Plus the usual cavalcade of guests. Past guests have included RuPaul, Martha Wash, Junior Vasquez, and my favorite, Bernadette Cooper!

The first episode debuts MIDNIGHT Tuesday night August 31st on iTunes. That means on Tuesday night at Midnight it will be online, so most of you will get it on Wednesday morning. Here’s the link:

(I come in at 1:56:48 on this first episode)

Gay Pimpin with Jonny McGovern: Hollywood Edition

Warning: I get a lil’ sassy, dirty and controversial. This ain’t your mama’s Morning Zoo Crew, kids! WOOooOOoo!

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