Another of my Tech Tips for Nerds! My regular readers will not understand or care about this at all, but as Ultimate Cal-Pals know, I’m actually a super geek when not performing on stage or in A/V media. I often encounter techie problems that require lots of intensive Googling to find solutions, and I’ve decided to post the solutions when I can, so that other people with the same problem can Google and find my solution without having to go through so much trouble!

Problem: Native Instruments Kontakt 3 opens with a white or blank splash screen, options screen or preferences screen. It was running fine before on your Mac.

Solution: Go to System Preferences >> Displays >> Color  and select “sRGB IEC61966-2.1” as your color profile (for both monitors if you have two). If you don’t see this as an option, you may need to uncheck “Show profiles for this display only”.

If that fixes it, you can probably switch the profile back to the default.

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