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By Luke Gilford for BLEND

A few weeks ago, I got an exciting phone call from photographer Cal-Pal Luke Gilford asking if I’d like to be photographed by him for an upcoming retrospective of famed fashion designer Margiela (site) in Dutch magazine Blend (article). Luke brought in his friend, the beautiful and amazing songstress Our Lady J, to shoot with me. Luke’s work always feels like you’re seeing a still captured during some underground, exciting, dreamlike experience… Everyone is beautiful but no one is “robot pretty”, and the locations have a lived-in, organic history fraying out from not-quite-hidden edges. I’m hoping I can grab a few copies of the mag on stands before it’s sold out, but until then, here are a few screencaps from the net and a video from BLEND showing the whole magazine. =)

[flickr album=72157625531233147 num=10 size=Square]


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