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Perez is "Likin' Big Dicks"!

FREE Download the mp3 and high-quality HD source video HERE

UPDATE: “Likin’ Big Dicks” is at the #1 spot on PerezHilton.com as “THE BEST Like A G6 Parody!”

Wow! Jonny McGovern and I finished editing the video for our parody of Far East Movement’s “Like a G6” today and it’s officially released out into the wild. Love it or hate it (and I know there will be plenty on both sides), let me know what you think! Links to download the mp3 and a high quality video file are here.

Likin Big D**ks (Like a G6 Dirty Gay Parody) UNCENSORED Version from Calpernia Addams on Vimeo.

You can see a censored YouTube version HERE if you want to show your Mom but don’t want her seeing bulging gogo shorts 😉

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