UPDATE: Wow, Sen. Sanders’ team Tweeted my remix!

My less politically minded Cal-pals might not have heard about the Bernie Sanders filibuster the other day. Actually, my less politically minded Cal-pals might think a filibuster is something akin to a “rusty trombone”, but it’s actually when someone takes the floor of the Senate and ties everything up by talking non-stop for super long periods of time, usually to monkey-wrench something their enemies want to get done that day. Basically, Senator Sanders was upset over President Obama’s capitulation in continuing Bush’s tax cuts for the super rich.

Cal-pal Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing.net tweeted this:

So, on a whim, I wrote a simple little song and “Autotuned” (Melodyned, actually) a popular portion of Bernie Sanders’ filibuster speech. Nowadays, songs don’t get much interest without videos, so I whipped together the simplest little video, inspired by the kinda soaring feel of the song.

Xeni posted it on BoingBoing

And it soon had over 9,000 views in two days ha ha! It got lots of Twitter love and linkage.

This evening, I saw it had ended up on a blog at Forbes.com. And that, kids, is the only way I will ever end up being written about by Forbes magazine. Dada da pa da dah! (bows). I’m mostly amused at the fact that I have two popular videos from the last two days, and the other one is decidedly not political.


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