Ok, Cal-pals, this week I take my first one-on-one singing lesson with an amazing teacher and I am EXCITED! I’m a musical soul and I have dreamed of being able to sing my entire life. And I don’t mean show-stopping arena superstar; I just wanted to be able to sing a lullaby or a jingle or Happy Birthday. I play many musical instruments, but nothing expresses one’s self like singing with one’s own voice. Only a lucky few transsexual women are blessed with female-sounding voices, and I was not one of them, so I never tried.

Thankfully, working with Andrea James allowed me to develop a good speaking voice that shed a history of adolescent testosterone poisoning to reflect the girl that I am with every spoken word (which we developed into the Finding Your Female Voice method on DVD and CD). Unfortunately, the mechanics of speaking and singing are different when it comes to transitioning the voice.

Inspired by the warm reception of my bitch-rap single “Stunning” (written for an episode of “Transamerican Love Story” and remixed by underground sensations like Lucian Piane, Jer Ber Jones and Matthew McPeck) I decided to punch fear in the face and go for my dreams a little over a year ago.

As loyal pals already know, I’ve been doing my weekly live “Stunning” show (10pm Saturday nights, Hamburger Mary’s WeHo) and actually teaching myself to sing the Jazz, dance and comedy numbers as I go along. I’m doing surprisingly well, in the way that a person without hands can learn to play the guitar with their feet “surprisingly well”… for someone without hands.

So after laying as much groundwork as I can by myself… attaining my speaking voice, studying singing DVDs, CDs and websites and just listening to the sounds that my body makes, I’ve decided I need to buckle down and get serious lessons. I have things I need to say, artistically, and I need a functioning instrument… even if it’s the ukelele of voices, I plan to strum the hell out of it as best I can to tell people what’s on my mind.

A real Hollywood voice professional charges a few hundred doll-hairs (dollars) for a block of lessons, so although I rarely rattle my tip jar on this site, if you’ve ever enjoyed one of my shows or weird songs and weren’t able to stuff a dollar into my overflowing brassiere, feel free to chuck a dollar at me (via my PayPal) and help save ears everywhere. (As always, if you’ve come to me primarily via interest in the movie “Soldier’s Girl” and my activism, please donate to SLDN instead of my hobbies.

The direct link to my PayPal is: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=8312142, but you’ll always have the direct link to heart whether you tip a dollar or not! Wish me luck!

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