AHHH So gorgeous! Check out the amazing music video for Selene Luna’s new song “Callin It Out (Ultra Calpernia Mix)” directed by William Butler and see Selene, Jackie Beat, Mario Diaz, Sam Pancake, hot boys and stunning special effects! Available on iTunes!

Inspired by her hilarious catchphrases and habit of “callin’ it out” whenever we were together, I put wrote this song for her, and she totally delivered when it came time to go into the studio and record it. I am very proud of what she’s done with the material, from her recording to her performance in the music video. I’m definitely a “Selene LUNA-TIC”!

Official Selene Luna Site

Callin It Out (Ultra Calpernia Mix) on iTunes

Callin It Out (Mexi mix) on iTunes

Performed by Selene Luna
Written & Composed by Calpernia Addams

Directed by William Butler
Lawrence Elbert , Director of Photography
Dave Matherly , Digital Effects Artist
Peter Garcia, Producer
Steven Jaworski, Producer

Make-up by John Stapleton
Hair by Judd Minter
Wardrobe by Charlie Altuna & Jany Stanley

Calpernia Addams
Jackie Beat
Nadya Ginsburg
Drew Droege
Sam Pancake
Mario Diaz
Brendan Lamb
Abercrombie & Fitch’s James Flook (a.k.a. James Preston)

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