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Ever wondered what it’s like to be on your own reality show? Alec Mapa, Andrea James, the crew and I recorded lots of little clips behind the scenes and I’ve finally decided to share some of them with you kids! They’re really short, really silly and very fun.

A note about my “look”: Yes, I was incredibly thin (for me)! Someday I’ll starve back down to that weight, ha ha. Probably for my next show!

I know, lots of people prefer the red hair on me… But I needed to try blonde at least once in my life, and I’m loving my current white hair!

I know, I know… lots of people’s first reaction to my appearance is “what’s up with Calpernia’s lips?” Let’s just say I had really unaesthetic lips since birth, and I made some attempts to enhance them that gave unsatisfactory results. I think they look a little better nowadays, three years later, and I plan to further reduce them whenever I can afford the expensive surgery. Until then, I’ll just have to hope you like me for “me” and can overlook some of the quirks in my looks!

Watch the whole Transamerican Love Story series online or get the DVD at NetFlix: http://www.netflix.com/Movie/Transamerican-Love-Story/70094813 (I don’t make any money from NetFlix, I’m just linking it for you!)

Thanks to World of Wonder, Logo, Randy and Fenton, Brian Graden, Dave Mace, Joe DelHierro, Andrea James, Alec Mapa, Julio Kollerbom, Sarah Jandrain, all the many wonderful staff, cast, crew, production team, and the brave guys who took part as contestants. What a blast!

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