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Thrilling new scents

Tauer’s final project for 2011 is Tableau de Parfums, designed in collaboration with Memphis filmmaker Brian Pera and inspired by Pera’s Woman’s Picture, which screens at L.A.’s Outfest this month. The movie examines the lives of three women—Miriam, Loretta and Ingrid—and Tauer composed olfactory portraits of each. The first to roll out—in Los Angeles in October—is Miriam (played by Ann Magnuson), a gorgeous, powdery, retro floral that blends rose oil, iris, violet flower and green leaf, fennel, vanilla, aldehydes and the sandalwood of Australia and Mysore, India.

Tauer and Pera have teamed up with LuckyScent/Scent Bar, the only bricks-and-mortar store in Los Angeles that carries his line, to create a series of short films that will be serialized in perfume blogs in advance of the Miriam launch. It’s a perfect illustration of the perfumer’s cross-pollinating artistic collaborations.

Read the whole article in the LA Times Magazine about Tauer’s groundbreaking techniques based in molecular biology and a love of some of the world’s most exotic scents!

“Woman’s Picture” will be my debut in a starring role in a feature film, and will play at the Director’s Guild via OutFest on July 11th and 16th, 2011. The film also stars Ann Magnuson, Amy Lavere and Brian Pera, with Rosanna Arquette, Paprika Steen and many more amazing people. Come support OutFest and see a cool movie, and I’ll give you a hug! Get tickets here (click the green ADD button on the right) http://bit.ly/qUxlEqv

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