Ok, so I was updating my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 yesterday and it got partially through and then alternated between several different errors and just getting hung up. Here’s the #1 fix that I always forget on my annual/semi-annual iOS software upgrades, followed by some other possible help:

  • USB Connection: PLUG THE PHONE’S USB CORD DIRECTLY INTO THE COMPUTER. If it’s plugged into a USB hub or the USB port on your keyboard, it can possibly cause the process to get stuck.
  • Software Conflict: If you have the Cydia app “WiFi Sync” installed on your Mac, I’ve heard it can cause iOS updates to stall, so try uninstalling it (uninstall WiFi Sync utility HERE)
  • Won’t Finish Download in iTunes: Try the direct-download links below (they’re hosted on Apple’s servers), then open iTunes, select your phone under “DEVICES”, and alt-click “UPDATE” or “RESTORE” to open the “secret” navigation menu. Then, go to where you manually downloaded the IPSW (iOS software package) file and select it for installation on your phone.

This first iOS 5’s build number is 9A334, and these files are hosted on Apple’s servers. Right-click or alt-click to download, and remember where you’re saving them.

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