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The whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing really flabbergasted me from Day One, and I continue to be gobstruck by the sheer number of people who are willing to surrender their human empathy and good judgement in favor of bobbing their head to a catchy dance tune. Chris Brown always vibed as an asshole to me, and his post-attack behavior did nothing to change my opinions. But I did like Rihanna’s music… Her decision to work with her abuser on two sexually charged tracks a scant few years after the horrific abuse has now utterly turned me off to her. Call it “victim blaming” if you will, but I feel no obligation to support or listen to an artist who makes a public example of such terrible decisions. I certainly wish her no ill will, but I can’t listen to her beg Chris Brown to “bite it” and “blast it on her back” after he literally bit her face, ear and fingers according to reports I read.

I know it’s just pop stars, doing stuff pop stars do, but I live in Hollywood, work in entertainment and have fought violence against women through several venues myself so it feels relevant to me.

In less than 48 hours, Andrea and I made this “parody” song and video of the “Birthday Cake” remix, singing the text of the police report from the terrible beating Chris inflicted on her instead of the existing lyrics about how he wants to “fuck” her and how she wants him to “bite it”. YUCK.

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