GIRLS AND BOYS! Cal-Pal Jer Ber Jones has a NEW ALBUM of cover songs, with a limited time donwload link! Here’s her press release:
It’s a tight, well mixed, weird new album with New Wave/Punk/Club Kid royalty cameos and co-production. Not to mention my fresh weird trip pop electro reverb lush gorgeousness. Videos and costumes with Zaldy & mazing filmmakers coming up!

xo Robbie/Jerilyn

 I’ll also be headlining at the amazing lesbian honkytonk/restaurant in San Francisco June 1st. Full concert. As well as Mustache Mondays in June: Grand opening of the genius new Slipper Room victorian cabaret in NYC in July/August.



For a limited time anyone & everyone can download the new, full length,  Jer Ber Jones cover songs album, entitled ‘MASKED‘ for free.
There’s a new youtube video for Jer Ber’s electronic homage to the italo-disco hit SELF CONTROL (Laura Branigan) here-
Jer Ber is not your average drag queen, or “tranimal” (wikipedia).  
Jer Ber Jones is a drag icon who produces her own amazing music and sings!-   “Quite a wicked little voice!” -Blackbook Magazine.
The new album MASKED is 11 gorgeous new electronic based cover songs.
Jer Ber’s favorite thing is to take over-played A-side songs and twist them up, giving them new life, new meaning, new freak-on.
In a way only a Mormon, ex-polygamist Tranny can do.
MASKED is 3 years worth of cover songs. A handful of them were originally produced for Jerilyn’s elaborate stage productions and cabaret shows.
The other handful were created in Jer Ber’s music studio in Hollywood California, Malibu and Salt Lake City, Utah.
Including collaborations with music legendaries such as –
Kristian Hoffman (Klaus Nomi, Rufus Wainright, Ann Magnuson) – Jer Ber and Kristian re-create the Boy George/Culture club classic “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?” in the most haunted, electro-alien, “HULK” Lou Ferrigno kinda way (you got to hear it to understand.)
Paul Roessler (Nina Hagen‘s longtime producer and collaborator, original member of the punk band The Screamers, 45 Grave) –
Paul co-produced and played music on “Private Dancer” (yes, the Tina Turner song) and created a dreamy guitar version of Eurythmics “Love is a Stranger” on the album, sung by Jer Ber’s ex-husband ‘Mike’. (Robbie Daniels, ).
Jeremy Mikush – who is Alaska Thunderfuck‘s accompanist and long time Jer Ber collaborator.
There’s a very dark & twisted dance version of Back to Black (Amy Winehouse),
Jer Ber’s personal favorite Self Control (Laura Branigan)…
A tribal/percussion tribute to fellow Los Angeles blonde Belinda (Berlinda) Carlisle and the Go-Go’s with We Got the Beat…
 and you’ve never really heard Cher until you hear Jer Ber do a cover version of Believe.
And many more!
-There’s even a bonus album for sale, which includes even more cover songs, and remixes + piano ballad versions of Believe and Do You Really Want to Hurt Me available exclusively on Jer Ber’s website WWW.ROBBIED.COM
Please help support independent music! Tranny music! (It’s rare you find a gal this talented!)
It’s easy, breezy, cover songs!
FREE!  Until the album goes up on iTunes this Summer!
( is a trusted, virus free file transfer site. Trusted by millions of musicians and computer experts.)
JER BER JONES LIVE IN CONCERT JUNE 1ST in San Francisco. Headlining at the amazing honkytonk lesbian bar/restaurant- Thee Parkside.
If you would like any more press photos, high resolution music or photos, CDs, or an interview with Jer Ber Jones
Please contact us!
Robbie Daniels, Trophy Child Records, Los Angeles, Ca.
Official websites-
The Official Jer Ber Fan Page
Jer Ber Jones Youtube
Photo of Jer Ber by Austin Young.
Painting of Jer Ber by Piepke & Kenny Scharf
Jer Ber Mask, CD art by Jim Winters.

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