A Clockwork Orange
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The Title Screen of “A Clockwork Orange”

As an avid thrift shopper, I always hope to find something amazing among the heaps of weird junk in LA’s stores. Yesterday, I found a cool looking film carrying case and when I opened it up, there was a sticky note with the handwritten words “Clockwork Orange” on top of four reels of film!

I snatched it up, purchased it, took it home and carefully confirmed what it was. It was indeed Stanley Kubrick’s Academy Award winning movie “A Clockwork Orange”! Now I have lots of questions… what kind of film stock is this? Intended for a movie theatre, a screening room, or home watching? What was its origin before I came to own it?

If you have any thoughts, let me know!

The full gallery of photos of the film box, reels and everything can be seen here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/calpernia/sets/72157630446105944/

[tubepress video=”HI-mDTdeKR8″]

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