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Calpernia and Patrick Wolf October 2012

Ok, a few bad things happened this week (and let’s be honest, this LIFE…) but here’s the positive stuff I’m celebrating:

On Wednesday my amazing business partner Andrea James and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of our company, Deep Stealth Productions. Thursday, my gorgeous boyfriend began our weekend together by greeting me at my door carrying two hot Philippes’s Roast Beef French Dip sandwiches with their signature horseradish mustard. That night I got to play accordion onstage with my musical idol Patrick Wolf and hang out with his fiancĂ© backstage. The next night, I played with Patrick again at the Bootleg music festival. Saturday, I had “Calpernia Presents GODDESS“, my weekly signature live night at Hamburger Mary’s, and Patrick duetted with me as part of the show. Monday I performed alongside the legendary Jackie Beat, sang with Patrick again and laughed all night with him and his boyfriend at Jackie’s killer set.

Today, it’s bright and sunny outside. I had a great breakfast. I’m surrounded by musical instruments, art supplies and computers (several of my favorite things). More friend time coming up all week. Hooray for life!

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