Work is always first priority, but for personal email I only check a few times a week. I am difficult to get in touch with unless we’ve already started a conversation. This includes my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media communications. I just can’t keep up with the incredible volume of communications, I apologize!

I get an overwhelming flood of email on a daily basis, as I have since the late 90’s, and I am more artist than scribe, so honestly I probably won’t be able to write back unless it’s for business such as show/speaking/film/tv/music bookings or similar. I do read every email eventually, though, and appreciate all the kindness people have sent my way over the years!



(Three Two Three) Seven Seven Six – Three Eight Zero Four

Mailing Address:
5419 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

More Info

I am an experienced and unique actress, with a special affinity for independent and “outside the box” stories. See my Actress page for more info. *I’m leaving the “drag queen” roles to better suited actors at the moment, so unless you’re thinking of me for the transsexual “Klute” remake or something REALLY SPECIAL in that genre, please see my friend Willam Belli for “drag” roles.

I am a fun, exciting and audience-engaging cabaret performer, karaoke and nightclub event hostess. Contact my manager above for booking info!

I love speaking at institutions of higher learning and businesses, so please check out my Public Speaking page for more information.

I am an experienced and versatile event hostess, from the GLAAD Media Awards to live cabaret to karaoke, auctions, parties and fundraisers. Please see my Event Hosting page for more information.

For questions on transition, including hormones, wives, parents, surgery and more, please see the incredible or join our forum at

Soldier’s Girl

I have a filter set to auto-delete emails with the words Soldier’s Girl and variations. For many who’ve just seen the film, I fully understand that it is heartbreaking and elicits a strong empathetic response. I really do totally appreciate that. But after being reminded of the graphic, tragic events by email/message/in-person every single day of my life for the past sixteen years, my sanity requires that I no longer discuss it unsolicited with strangers. This includes media, writers, filmmakers and activists. I’ve archived all the information you might want on my pages about the film and the real life inspiration, for those who have questions.

Again, I probably cannot answer personal emails, but I sincerely appreciate the good wishes and attention of those who follow my artistic work. All my best to you!


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