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Calpernia has been in front of audiences since childhood, from performing Bluegrass gospel in a small Tennessee church to the New Orleans Superdome to national television to indie film festivals across the world.

Calpernia to Appear with Alec Mapa in “No Fats, Femmes or Asians”

imageAt the LA Gay & Lesbian Center Theatre! I’ll be playing the fiddle and doing a big song-and-dance number with hot backup dancers!

Alec and his remarkable cast return for a special, encore weekend! It’s the variety show Alec always dreamed of hosting, which means he’s taking you on another wild ride through the ironies, lunacies and tarnished glories of the way we live and love now.

It’s Pride Weekend! Come celebrate with the proudest Gaysian-American in the country!

Featuring: Calpernia Addams, Jason Currie, Jamison Hebert, Amy Hill, Kristen Lee Kelly, Kevin Stea, Keo Woolford

Friday & Saturday, June 6 & 7 at 8 p.m.

Sunday, June 8 at 7 p.m.

Order Tickets Here!

Transamerican Love Story Mansion – Modern Day Sodom & Gomorrah

So I thought I had found out something titillating when I recognized my home-away-from-home was the set of “America’s Prom Queen“:


Yes, that p R O m queen, not p O R n queen.

But the cake has been taken by Andrea’s blog revelation that our little mansion was used in the must-see gem “Cougar Club“, starring Faye Dunaway and Joanie Laurer! As both a “cougar” and a Faye Dunaway fan, I didn’t know what to be more excited about! I will be posting a writeup of “Cougar Club” as soon as I’ve watched it.

Click the picture to read Andrea’s full entry and see more photos from “Cougar Club”.


I have to think that at this point, Faye Dunaway is just having fun with life.

V to the 10th Video: Calpernia & Leslie Preparing to Perform in New Orleans Vagina Monologues

So, after a week of trying to get this video to upload to YouTube (it kept timing out), it has finally made it up! This is some footage of Leslie and me settling into our hotel room, running around town and rehearsing for our monologue. Then I added in some clips from a few other YouTube people who had uploaded video from that night, and some photos.

To my great and lasting heartbreak, I somehow lost my digital camera as I was returning to Los Angeles from New Orleans. On it were many photos of me with the various women in the play, including Jane Fonda, Rosario Dawson, Doris Roberts, Didi Conn, Kristina Krepela, Amber Tamblyn, Ali Larter and of course Eve Ensler. All of the photos are irreplaceable, so this loss will haunt me for some time to come. But thankfully, the most important part was that I got to experience the event, and I will never lose the memories.