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Best of Calpernia DVD: YouTube Edition (Menu #1)
Best of Calpernia DVD: YouTube Edition (Menu #1)

(Special Note: If you are here primarily out of empathy for the tragedy portrayed in “Soldier’s Girl“, please consider a donation to instead)
THANK you, Cal-pals! I sincerely appreciate the support of several wonderful folks who have ordered the “Best of Calpernia: YouTube Edition” DVD
! As always, even if you never purchase one of my videos or otherwise financially support my work, knowing that you visit and read my blog or any of our sites is a gift to me. Thank you!

Help Calpernia by naming your own price for a DVD of full-resolution, high-quality Calpernia videos (not the grainy YouTube ones!) suitable for party viewing, TS/TG group meetings or classroom discussion! Short films like the 1,000,000+ view “Bad Questions to Ask a Transsexual” (already being discussed in classrooms around the world), “Miss Dis“, The “Stunning” music videos (#1 & #2), “Chromozones (By Amber)“, plus additional full-res versions of short films “Ghost Rider: Calpernia Style“, “Magic Cookie Bar Recipe“, and “My Daughter My Son“!

Best of Calpernia DVD: YouTube Edition (Menu #2)
Best of Calpernia DVD: YouTube Edition (Menu #2)

Hey Cal-pals! The economy is down the tubes and paying work is scarce, but I’m keeping up my full schedule of activism, Hollywood crusading and co-maintenance of all our free informational websites alongside my work as an actress and performer, so I’m getting creative to keep biscuits and jelly on the table. Rather than just beg for money, I’m offering a never-before available DVD of the full resolution versions of my most popular videos (except for the “Next!” music video, which is bundled with the “Transproofed” DVD) for a “pay (donate) what you want” model. Printing and shipping the DVD will cost me at least $12, so my only request is that we start there. If it’s a net loss for me to do this, I can’t do it! Ha ha

If you can’t send any help at the moment, rest assured I’m just glad to have you visiting my sites, and I appreciate all the love and positive energy that comes my way from the many cool people on the net! Thank you!

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Mark 947
Mark 947


6 thoughts on “Buy”

  1. Calpernia ! I love this. Crack me up. I wish there was more sarcaism!! OM gosh, you're histerical ! Yes, they are dumb ass people who actually ask these questions. Stupid fools !

  2. Hi Calpernia
    I have just watched A Soldier's Girl.
    I am awestruck by your courage and the intensity of your loss.
    Thank you for all of your work with our community, and thank you especially for allowing your story to be told.

    Much Love,


  3. Calpernia, will you help me?!
    hi my name is mariah and i don't know if you do any kind of support for people i just found you and got your story today while trying to find some information to help me and my partner.

    First off i wanna tell you your absolutley gorgeous. like absolutley :)!

    And second i had a question that i hope wont land me on the list of stupid questions.
    I just today found out that my partner paige might be having some problems with her idenity.
    Last night we were getting kinda heated and i knew she was somewhere else she just wasn't with me
    and when i aske her what was wrong as she said was that she just wasnt in the mood and i had to DIG that lie
    out of her.

  4. And i helped her come out to be more butch because she hated what her parents wanted her to wear and what not.
    so she wears a lot of boy clothes and sags and washes with axe and she is
    absolutley wonderful i love her with every fiber of myself and we have been through so much
    she saved my life and i would never ever leave her side.
    well i told her we could if she wants talk about what she said about
    how she did want me to think she was freak for thinking she should have beeen a boy?!
    if she wants to and if not im there for that too and she said she wanted to bottle it up
    just like everything else…
    idk what im asking for really and i doubt you will even see this?! but
    if you could some how give me some kind of idea of what to do or send me to some other place i would really
    be in debt to you.


  5. What happened to the photos and all the videos? I loved the previous look of the website much more than how it looks now. I mean, you are an actress in Hollywood, after all!

    All the Best to you,
    Dennis Lee

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