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From the New Orleans Superdome to LA’s Palladium, the music festivals of London and Australia’s Mardi Gras, the Red Carpets of the Golden Globes and the Emmys, New York, Chicago and Vegas… Calpernia is an internationally known and beloved entertainer ready to perform for you! Contact us for booking information: CONTACT PAGE

A Truly Unique Star

Calpernia has headlined events across the globe and performed alongside indie favorites such as Patrick Wolf, Our Lady J and Jackie Beat. She has given command performances for legendary celebrities and adoring audiences for almost 20 years. She performs a truly unique show, alternating original pop, club and dance music with live acoustic reworkings of popular and rare material from Old Hollywood and the 80’s/90’s/00’s. Because she performs live, her show delivers a total package experience with comedic hosting and audience interaction: a welcome break from the same-old same-old.

See what the world is saying:

New York Times Magazine – “The indelible performer was Calpernia Addams. Her act, a kind of Elvira-meets-Joan Jett extravaganza, involves loud rock ‘n’ roll, a great deal of strutting and shimmering and a scant sum of clothing. She has a certain Gypsy Rose Lee quality of vulnerability.”

  • American Family Association – “A
    Sexual Radical who Hates Christianity
  • Rolling Stone- “Bright and glittering”
  • LATimes – “Queer Performance Icon”
  • Out Magazine- “Elegant”
  • LA Weekly – “Star”, “Gorgeous”, “Sizzling”
  • – “Honest”, “Genuine”
  • TMZ – “Lovely”, “Wow”
  • Frontiers – “HOT”, “Memorable”, “Eloquent”
  • WeHoNews – “Legendary”
  • SF Bay Times – “Uproarious”, “Groundbreaking”
  • Boston Edge- “Indomitable”, “Impressive”
  • Forbes – “A Winner”
  • WOWReport – “Classic”
  • Psychology Today – “Eccentric”
  • – “Very Moving”


Videos of Calpernia’s Performances

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