Social Media Star. Star of her own LOGO TV show. Viral Video Star. Facebook Ad Campaign Star. Sephora Ad Campaign Star. Booked in Europe, The Superdome, The Palladium, The Henry Fonda & More. SF PRIDE/LA PRIDE/VEGAS PRIDE Grand Marshall.

Calpernia is experienced, professional, on-time, organized and easy to work with. She is represented non-exclusively by DS Events & Productions. Please contact DS Events & Productions for booking information, and CC [email protected], thank you! =)

See what the world is saying:

New York Times Magazine – “The indelible performer was Calpernia Addams. Her act, a kind of Elvira-meets-Joan Jett extravaganza, involves loud rock ‘n’ roll, a great deal of strutting and shimmering and a scant sum of clothing. She has a certain Gypsy Rose Lee quality of vulnerability.”

American Family Association – “A Sexual Radical who Hates Christianity

Rolling Stone- “Bright and glittering”

LATimes – “Queer Performance Icon”

Out Magazine- “Elegant”

LA Weekly – “Star”, ”Gorgeous”, “Sizzling” – “Honest”, “Genuine”
TMZ – “Lovely”, “Wow”
Frontiers – “HOT”, “Memorable”, “Eloquent”
WeHoNews – “Legendary”
SF Bay Times – “Uproarious”, “Groundbreaking”

Boston Edge- “Indomitable”, “Impressive”

Forbes – “A Winner”
WOWReport – “Classic”
Psychology Today - “Eccentric” – “Very Moving”

DS Events and Productions

Janet Tyler, Manager


(Three Two Three) Seven Seven Six – Three Eight Zero Four

Mailing Address:
5419 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027


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